Dr Martens 1461

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Dr Martens 1461

The never fading cool and rebellious spirit of the Dr Martens brand is alive and well in the form of these Dr Martens 1461 shoes, which offer a low top alternative to their iconic boot counterparts. The same high quality and attention to detail is stitched into every pair of these classically designed footwear as any other Dr Martens shoe.

The Dr Martens 1461 has the exact same style of the brand’s classic boots, only with a lower rise for those who perhaps want a less cumbersome shoe for more delicate occasions. Made from the same high shine patented leather, they’re no weaker than their high topped cousins, but definitely more fashion conscious.

Old School Style In Every Dr Martens 1461 Shoes

With a focus on being more fashionable and stylish than the iconic combat style Dr Martens boots, the Dr Martens 1461 have an old school leather shoe look to them, especially because they’re made from the same premium materials that all Dr Martens shoes are – which is why they’ve become so popular and maintain an exceptional reputation.

The 1461 Dr Martens are perfect for those that want to be a part of the Dr Martens shoe fan cult, but perhaps don’t like the clunkiness of boots. The brand has been favoured by many different alternative subcultures over the decades, from punks, hippies and goths, so who wouldn’t want to wear a part of those culture’s history and style?

Stylish But Tough Dr Martens 1461

  • Classic Dr Martens Shoe Design
  • Made From Brand Patent High Shine Leather
  • Ideal For Alternative Fashion Styles
The reason why the Dr Martens brand has grown to become so beloved with many different cultures is not only down to their boots’ distinct and individual style, but also because of their hardiness. Dr Martens 1461 shoes don’t lose any of their toughness by opting for style, and still maintain the optimum quality and endurance that have made the brand famous.

With the iconic high shine patented leather and an alternative low top design, the 1461 shoe is more fashion conscious than the classic boots, but no less cool. Its fresh take on the values of the brand mean it makes a great prospect for those who prefer low tops to boots, making it a very exclusive and desirable design.

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