Converse Double Tongue

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Converse Double Tongue

The Converse shoe is a highly popular and famous brand, well known for its iconic design, but they also like to make subtle changes to the classic style of the shoe, in particular with double tongue Converse. The extra tongue offers additional style for those who like their trainers a little different.

Amongst our vast collection of Converse shoes we have plenty of double tongue Converse to offer an alternative style to the usual high tops and low tops. We have many different varieties of the exclusive double tongued trainers, available in different colours, to please anyone who likes to stand out with individual shoes.

Double The Fun With Double Tongue Converse

Double tongue Converse are just another model of shoe with a clever and innovative design feature that has made Converse shoes one of the most popular and stylish brands in the world. The company has a proud history of offering something a little different and appealing to a savvy audience of fashion conscious people ever since it first released the classic Chuck Taylor.

Like the musicians and people that adopted the Converse shoe over the decades as their footwear of choice, double tongue Converse trainers continue a tradition of appealing to those with alternative and left of field sensibilities. The additional tongue on these shoes allow for the hiding of laces and customisation of colour to make your look extra stylish the way you want it.

Alternative Style With Double Tongue Converse

  • Extra Tongued Classic Converse Trainer Design
  • Available For Both Adults And Kids
  • Alternative Style And Colours
We have many different double tongue Converse trainers available to sort out your alternative shoe fix, with sizes available for kids, men and women in many varieties of colours. Shades on offer include pink, yellow, black, blue, brown and grey so you might struggle to choose a favourite. The dual tongued Converse also come in classic low top and high top forms, so both bases are covered.

So if you’re bored of the standard Converse trainer and need a little added trim that makes them stand out from all the other pairs of the classic shoe, then perhaps double tongued Converse could fix that itch. With these awesome alternative shoes, you’ll really lick the competition when it comes to offering a unique feature not found in many other styles or brands of shoe.

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