Gothic Shoes

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Gothic Shoes

Gothic culture has sprawled out across the land and become embraced all over, the most noticeable attributes for a Goth is their clothes and more specifically Gothic shoes. Whether they’re big black boots or some creeper trainers, a Goth’s shoe is usually their way of stamping down their Gothic image.

Gothic fashion enjoys dark and mysterious colours, as well as using makeup and hair dye to complete the look. A pale complexion married with black clothes, lips and hair is often associated with the Gothic image. In recent times this look has also crossed over into emo fashion and various heavy metal subcultures.

Get Some Gothic Shoes For Gigging In

Goths often like to pitch their style at Gothic music events and one thing they’ll need for these stomping nights is a good pair of shoes. There are many Gothic clothing brands that continue to produce high quality footwear for the Gothic scene. From Demonia boots that boast huge platforms, buckles and a shiny finish to the more reserved and classy shoes that are a lot like normal going out shoes but host a Gothic twist, including bigger straps, heels and accessories such as bows or skulls.

The patent boot style is a high flyer within the Gothic fashion scene. The shiny exterior of the boot as well as its monstrous length is much adored. Every Goth is likely to have one pair of big knee high black boots. However, black isn’t the only colour that is enjoyed by goths. Quirkier items such as bowed stilettos and couture shoes offer a much more vintage appeal and often use dark and rich reds. These styles of Gothic shoes sometimes include floral motifs and flowery patterns.
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Gothic Shoes Complete Your Look

The great thing about the Gothic clothing scene is that it doesn’t care about what outsiders may think. There is no half-heartedness about it; they go big, brash and at times provocative. Adding accessories such as shiny metal studs and textural feathers brings extra character to Goth shoes. Many shoes for goths are also unisex, meaning various styles cater for both genders.

As well as the desired Gothic look, Goth shoes deliver great quality materials and are usually extremely robust. They’ve been made to help people tackle the harshest of elements outside and withstand standard wear and tear.

There are many Goth boots and shoes to mull over, whether you need a new pair of high heel shoes for nights out or simply look to add to your Gothic footwear selection with some of the latest knee high Goth boots. Whatever the occasion, Gothic footwear can really help to aid your style, attitude and image.

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