Dr Martens Clearance

If youíre looking for that essential alternative footwear to complete your look, but at a slightly more affordable rate, then you should definitely check out our Dr Martens Clearance stock. We have a great variety of the premium and classically designed boots at discounted prices, so getting that alternative style is easier.

We have many different styles of the classic Dr Martens shoe at reduced prices amongst our Dr Martens Clearance stock, and with such a large selection to choose from, youíre bound to find the perfect pair for you or for a special someone.

Find The Perfect Boot Amongst Our Dr Martens Clearance Stock

A large number of the classic retro boots worn by punks, mods and skinheads in the past, and still a part of contemporary fashion, have been discounted in our Dr Martens Clearance sale. Select designs have received great reductions, including iconic 1460 Patent boots, low top 1461 shoes, 1490 boots and 1914 boots. With such a great choice youíll have a difficult time not finding the perfect new pair.

Thereís not only a great selection of different types and varieties of boot on sale amongst our Dr Martens Clearance stock, but they also come in many great colours, from reserved shades to brighter hues. Amongst all thatís on offer are black, red, purple, pink, orange and blue Ė almost every colour you can probably think of or ever want. Theyíre also all made from Dr Martenís high quality shining materials and fabrics for a look that stands out in a crowd.

Get A Classic Look That Never Dies In The Dr Martens Clearance

  • High Quality Dr Martens Footwear At Affordable Prices
  • Great Variety Of Different Models To Choose From
  • A Huge Collection Of Colours And Designs On Offer
The Dr Martens boot has been a mainstay of alternative fashion for decades, mostly down to their endurance, iconic look and high quality. All Dr Martens footwear is painstakingly produced with premium leather and materials, including their patent leather that gives the boots their toughness, sharp style, vibrant colour and high shine thatís made them so famous. This quality and attention to detail is present in every boot and shoe amongst our Dr Martens clearance sale.

So if youíre looking to add the classic look of the Dr Martens shoe to your alternative fashion style of choice, but are perhaps put off by high asking prices elsewhere, then you should definitely view all the varieties we have in clearance. These are boots that have been worn by youth subcultures for decades and they never lose their enduring cool, so donít miss out on our cheap selections!

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Dr Martens Clearance

Dr Martens 1460 Boots (Black)
£64.99was £99.99