Converse Ox

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Converse Ox

The Converse Ox offers people a low-cut alternative to the much loved traditional Converse All Star boot. These casual shoes can be worn with a variety of clothes and come in many different styles and colours.

The Ox shoe has been an ever changing range ever since it’s creation in the 60s, and by wearing these sweet Converse shoes you’ll be continuing to push one of America’s most successful footwear brands. Not only will you be representing the trendy Converse brand but you’ll be installing a casually crisp image to your feet.

The Converse Low-Cut Shoe

Converse All Star boots are entrenched in rich history dating back to the 20s. The boots were first worn by basketball players before they took up a new guise within popular culture; becoming the staple rebellious shoe in certain music, art and fashion sectors.

Off the back of the original Converse All star model - the shoe company looked to create a much lighter and casual trainer, something that everyone can enjoy rather than just as a basketball shoe. Thus, the Oxford was born.

Although the Converse Ox also found fame within basketball, the shoe became a sought after piece of footwear for many image savvy people. The Ox delivered a fresh and relaxing look and soon developed into a lifestyle statement in the West Coast of America. The shoes low-cut impression soon caught on eastwards and since then far beyond American culture with the Ox becoming a favourite worldwide.

Casual Converse Shoes Designs

  • Iconic Converse All Stars Design With A low Cut Style
  • Ideal For Casual Wear With Almost Any Fashionable Look
  • Great Variety Of Unique Styles To Cater For All Tastes
The Ox has always been a cool contender for casual trainers but over the past few years its designs have become much more elaborate, funky and creative. Previously, Converse tended to copy the same colour combinations and styles that were found within the All Stars boot. Now we’ve seen Converse move with the times and successfully feed contemporary tastes by implementing innovative and modern designs for the Ox trainers.

Many people love the Ox Converse range because of its more relaxed and humble appearance compared the boot. It enables people to casually wear Converse without screaming from the rooftops in a big pair of bright red Converse boots. The shoes have become a great choice for people who want to create a sophisticated and reserved look. They’re also a lot lighter to wear making it easier to manoeuvre and less restrictive than the high boots.

Although the Ox trainers take a key influence from the original All Star boot, these shoes have made their very own mark on footwear history. With brand new designs being constantly updated and more people donning a pair of these attractive Ox trainers, we have yet to see the last of everybody’s favourite low-cut Converse shoe.