Manic Panic Makeup

If you want to complete your alternative look and assert your individuality then what you really need is Manic Panic makeup! Not just content with providing some of the best coloured hair dye for unique styles, Manic Panic also provide awesome cosmetics for anyone with a non-conformist look.

Manic Panic makeup features styles and shades that any alternative girl will love, whether you’re a goth, punk, emo or have a thing for looking like a sexy vampire. With a great selection of different makeup items to choose from you’ll have enough to create an entire new look or enhance the one you already adore.

Revamp Your Cosmetic Collection With Manic Panic Makeup

We have plenty of Manic Panic makeup to complete almost an entire beauty regime every day, with a great selection of different shades and styles to ensure you don’t get bored. Whether its lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, foundation and powders, we’ve got you covered so you can look your absolute best.

If being pale faced with striking features is really your thing, then Manic Panic makeup is the best alternative cosmetic solution. We’ve got gothic and vampiric foundations and powders in pale shades with mysterious names such as moonlight, candlelight and starlight and even flawless white! Our sexy lipsticks are also available in various tones of red and raven black to give your pout a darker touch.

Walk On The Dark Side With Manic Panic Makeup

  •   Great Range Of Alternative Cosmetics
  •   Makeup For Darker Lifestyles & Looks
  •   Quality Guaranteed In Various Shades
As well as stunning and unique individual cosmetics, our Manic Panic makeup selection also features kits to create a complete look. We have a gloriously dark Psychodrama Eye Kit containing purple and black eye shadows, eye liners and applicators and for those who want everything a girl needs to get ready with added powders, makeup sponge and lip lacquer, there's the Final Curtain Total Look kit.

With Manic Panic makeup you have everything you need to complete a dark and alternative look that beats the boring high street style cosmetics. With high quality and a great variety of different shades and styles there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enhance or reinvent your look!

Manic Panic Makeup

Manic Panic Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powder (Moonlight)
£14.99was £15.99