Dad's Army T Shirt

Stupid boy Pike! Come grab yourself a Dad's Army T Shirt and show your loyalty to a truly vintage comedy sitcom. Voted Britainís fourth best sitcom in 2004, Dad's Army has been at the centre of tea time television for years and years.

Whether a keen watcher of the programme or not, youíll instantly remember the theme tune from when you stayed at your grandparents. Wearing a Dad's Army T Shirt will have you feeling proud of one of Britainís best loved shows.

Get Nostalgic With A Dad's Army T Shirt

Along with the likes of Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army has been a flagship programme for all ages to embrace and enjoy. From the funny catchphrases to the silly behaviour, the Home Guard have entertained the masses. Itís one of a few shows that make fun of war and succeed, as well as being able to subtly discuss the under-equipped troops of the Second World War. The characters are easily liked and many Dad's Army T shirts are pictured with some of the most adored characters from the show.

From Captain George Mainwaring to the youngest of the lot Private Frank Pike, each Dad's Army T shirt brings back the memories. Youíll be paying the ultimate tribute to an age old classic, its testament to such a great programme, a programme that still gets laughs when itís watched today. Once you hear that opening theme tune and see the opening titles you know what time it is.
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Grab A Dad's Army T Shirt Whether Old Or Young

Just like many cult classics, they can stand up and continue to impress whilst compared to newer shows. Its timeless humour can have you in stitches, the sheer buffoonery of the platoon is enough to make anyone chuckle. You donít have to be an OAP to love Dad's Army, the clever and comical plots, as well as the eccentric and brilliant acting performances will bring humble joy to your screen. Having said this, if you have a relation thatís obsessed with the programme then a Dad's Army T shirt could be their perfect gift.

You can even sit down together in matching Dad's Army T shirts and watch an entire box set; however you may want to close the curtains. Show some respect to the old greats, donít get caught up in the CGI and special effects of modern television, pay homage to the classics and get yourself one of these Dad's Army tees.

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Dad's Army T Shirt

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