Hell Bunny Coat

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Hell Bunny Coat

The colder months mean wrapping up in thick layers, but you can still look fabulous with a retro styled Hell Bunny coat. Purveyors of retro and rocker styled clothing, Hell Bunny have designed gorgeous jackets to tackle those long cold autumn and wintery days.

If youíre a girl with retro sensibilities and wish you were born when 50ís clothing was the height of fashion, then look no further than a Hell Bunny coat. These coats are all designed for those that consider themselves to have an alternative style, and the company that designs them are masters at delivering cute and edgy clothing for punks, rockers and lovers of retro-cool.

Winter is Coming! Wrap Up Warm In A Hell Bunny Coat

Being trendy and maintaining your fashion style doesnít have to come at the compromise of comfort and warmth with a Hell Bunny coat. Our Hell Bunny winter jackets look totally glamorous with colours that fit the shades of autumn leaves whilst looking back to the simpler times of 50ís fashion. Whether youíre a Steampunk, rock chick or just love the retro look, these coats will fit the bill.

We have a great selection of Hell Bunny Coats available with many different styles so you can pick the perfect one for you! We have the glamorous New Millie with its stylish wide collar and belt that sits above the waistline, Sarah Jane which comes in a gorgeous lipstick red with laces at the back and the sultry Sofia which comes in either grey or red.

A Hell Bunny Coat Will Fit Your Style And Look

  • Gorgeous Retro 50ís Look
  • Comfortable And Cozy For Winter
  • Quality British Made Coats
The Hell Bunny Coat is not only the perfect jacket for the winter months but an elegant addition to any alternative girlís wardrobe. Whether youíre a rockabilly chick or perhaps even a steampunk, Hell Bunny knows what you like and we have their most glamorous of coats for you.

If you adore the style of Hell Bunnyís coats, youíll also love some of the other Hell Bunny stuff we sell. We have a great range of Hell Bunny dresses and skirts, so when youíre not wrapped up in a cosy coat, youíre still rocking that 50ís look. Our Hell Bunny collection is one of the best in the UK and we have enough great dresses to completely revamp your style.