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Batman Onesie

All onesies give you that guilty yet snug feeling, but nothing quite comes close to an attitude filled Batman onesie. Whether you want to wear it as pyjamas or love to lounge around the house during those lazy days where you donít accomplish much, youíll feel the difference with such a suspiciously snug all-in-one.

Because the mysterious hero is ready for everything, this Batman onesie is far from your default onesies that litter the high streets with their offensive baby grow appearance. This onesie is equipped with a secret stash in the form of pockets, so you can keep all your discreet weapons and snacks at easy access. Much like the Dark Knight, you can skulk around yours and others homes with efficiency thanks to its hooded feature that will make you feel like darkness incarnate.

Feel Like A Super Hero In Your Batman Onesie

Itís unlikely that youíll ever stumble across someone who hasnít heard of this superhero, unless they're a newborn, but they'll probably still know him and will mentally compliment you on your stylish Batman onesie. Whilst some superheroes are easy to forget, Batman has garnered love for his wealth, unnecessary gadgets and numerous memes surrounding his unfortunate childhood that we should all feel bad for laughing at.

You may be so hung up thinking about owning your own Batman onesie that you may have never considered what a great gift this would make to someone else. Of course, that someone has to be pretty epic and a worthy ally in the impending zombie apocalypse in order to earn such a gift, but if they fulfil these criteria then some Dark Knight PJs are the least you can offer.

No Batman Collection Is Complete Without A Onesie

Whilst the Batman onesie is a great item for anyone to own, weíre not a one trick pony when it comes to Batman merchandise! We have an excessive amount of Batman gear that includes messenger bags, costumes, dresses and more. No Batman fan has an excuse not to go batty with love for the stern but fair hero.

Itís possible that whilst everyone loves a Batman onesie, there could other superheroes that have your heart. When thinking of other superheroes, the righteous alien who overpowers practically everyone in the comic book world with his unfair advantage should come to mind. Whilst owning a Superman onesie may be more your thing, itís worth remembering that the powerless Batman has defeated him.

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