Rubies Fancy Dress

We’ve all been there. It’s Halloween and you’ve been invited to a party that is sure to be one you’ll remember forever or forget very quickly, depending on the amount of alcohol you end up consuming. The only problem? It’s a fancy dress party, and you’ve got nothing to wear!

You rush out and pick up one of the many horrible fancy dress costumes available last minute and end up looking like a bit of a buffoon – but what if there was an alternative to this yearly dash for something to wear?

Thankfully, it seems that there is now a way that you can keep your costume in your wardrobe ready for your yearly trip to your friends huge Halloween party and this method can be summed up in three little words: Rubies fancy dress! Now, we’ve seen some awesome alternative clothing and fancy dress costumes in our time, but these awesome dress up costumes just take the biscuit. Indeed, if they were biscuits they’d be chocolate hobnobs (or whatever your favourite biscuit is).

Enough With The Biscuit Analogies, Let’s Get Talking About Rubies Fancy Dress...

Whilst talking about biscuits is all well and good, it’s time to get down to business and discuss these brilliant Rubies fancy dress costumes that will get you all set for Halloween. As jumpsuits they are all-in-one suits that cover your entire body (yes, even your face).

They're made from breathable fabric and the rumour is you can even drink through them - although we can't say we've tested that ourselves - which is handy if you’re determined to get a little bit merry whilst looking a little bit crazy!

Currently, these Rubies fancy dress styles are available in the following designs:
  • Batman
  • Captain America
  • Glow In The Dark Skeleton (this one is our personal favourite)
  • Iron Man
  • Mummy
  • Power Ranger (in red, obviously)
  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Zombie (for all you Walking Dead fans out there)

Stretchy, Comfy & Durable, Rubies Fancy Dress Costumes Are Awesome!

What’s so great about these suits you ask? It’s quite simple. A standard Halloween costume you’ll wear once and dispose of shortly after – but with Rubies fancy dress you can wear them again and again, simply by machine washing and storing them safely away in your wardrobe.

Whilst many people don’t like to wear the same costume more than once, that really is where Rubies costumes come into their own – their designs are so brilliant and so unique you’ll be so unbelievably eager to get your favourite suit out you might not even be able to wait until Halloween!

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Rubies Fancy Dress

Rubies 2nd Skin Glow In The Dark Skeleton Jumpsuit (Black)