Victorian Corsets

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Victorian Corsets

Take a page out of the graceful period of time where shapely fashion was something women adored, with inspired Victorian corsets bringing back important flattering clothing for the modern day girl. Not only do these corsets give your silhouette a more complimentary shape, the injection of style courtesy of alternative vintage fashion will reflect your regal rights and transform you into a charming classical lady.

They Were Never Left For Dead, Many Fashionable Icons Still Use Victorian Corsets For Sexy Shaping And Vintage Style

This vintage look is certainly not dead and buried. More and more people taking up Victorian corsets to either compliment the hourglass female shape or roll back the years towards more traditional eras. These period corsets can make the perfect top for the wildest of nights out, they are great if you wish to show off your inner boldness and feisty attitude towards dressing.

Alternatively, these corsets are also perfect for wearing casually during the daytime for a gorgeously elegant style that is ideal for making a regular day feel special. You’ll find that no matter how you intend to wear your corset it will still have the ability to go with your favourite jeans. This relaxed style helps to balance out the corset's natural domineering appearance but the niche nature of the item will still draw looks of admiration.

Emanate Precious Period Fashion With A Wide Range Of Victorian Corsets

With so many design choices to spoil yourself with, there’s no reason not to take your time when it comes to picking out your perfect vicky corset. You’ll want one that’ll express your very own sense of style, and because all of our designs are so unique and go against the fray of ordinary fashion, you’ll be sure to find the perfect styled corset to suit your desired image.

Whether you want a waist cincher that stops below the bust area, a Victorian classic corset that covers the whole area, satin textures or leather materials, there are many achievable looks for all types of styles. The corset may even offer a Victorian template but displays contemporary designs reflecting Gothic, punk and other relatively modern cultures.
Blue Banana Guarantees Only The Finest Victorian Corsets Enter Our Shop
When you invest in a Victorian or traditional corset we can guarantee that every one you pick out has been made with the utmost care, using quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. This ensures that your corset will live a long and prosperous life accentuating your figure. Stand proud and be a bit different to the rest of the sheep by inheriting corsets from the Victorian age!

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