Retro Dresses

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Retro Dresses

Step out of the shadow of boring fashion and into the light of gorgeously made retro dresses with an alternative quirk thatíll get you noticed. No one wants to disappear into the scenery with a bland and safe style, so why not stand out with some beautiful looking dresses that make more of an effort to get you noticed.

Where else can you find some feisty and alternative retro dresses decorated with both flowers and skulls? Here of course, and you wonít look back once you have one of these style-marinated dresses in your fashion artillery. What better way to get noticed for your inspired style, than a special dress thatís as creative as you are.

Embrace Retro Fashion With These Stylish Dresses

With so many patterns and styles to choose from, these inspired retro dresses are perfect for all manner of occasions. Whether you intend to wear them as a party dress, as a special evening dress or even something casual to wear during the daytime, youíll find the perfect vintage dress to suit you. From dark to bright, whatever your personal style, your dress should coordinate with you rather than overpower your look.

Whether you love long and flowing trims to shorter and flirtier styles, our collection is something thatíll definitely keep you busy. With retro dresses of every shape and fit, each one promises to create an entirely different look, that you wonít get with the standard dresses on the high-street.
  • Gorgeous Collection Of Retro Fashion Dresses
  • Designs From Well Known Brands Such As Hell Bunny, Banned & Purplish
  • Inspired By The 50's, 60's & Classic Fashion Styles

Get Some Super Stylish Dresses With A Retro Edge

A lot of our retro dresses are inspired from the rockabilly era that graced the 50ís, which saw icons like Marilyn Monroe rising to iconic status in a time where more free thinking and boldness was adopted. To emulate the bolder style that the women of the 50ís adored so much, we have the most authentic dresses with a punk twist that make them unique enough to be appreciated by both women of that era and modern times.

The saying Ďif itís not broke, donít try and fix ití could be applied to retro dresses, except rather than fixing, weíre upgrading the classic styles with some alternative spark to make the most unique dresses for you to enjoy. No matter the occasion, a reliable vintage inspired dress is the perfect addition to any girls wardrobe!

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