Vintage Style Dresses

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Vintage Style Dresses

Step back in time with some vintage style dresses giving you opportunity to bring back fashion from older eras into our modern times. Every woman seeks to stand out from the crowd in a positive way, and what better method than creating your very own quirky spin on vintage clothing? We can have your body covered head to toe in retro clothes including our proudest selection of vintage dresses available.

Vintage Victorian And Retro Rockabilly Style Dresses

These vintage style dresses are perfect for the girl who wants a creative dress to express her retro image and attitude. Unlike safer styles that seem to overgrow contemporary fashion, a vintage dress offers you retro designs born out of bygone eras, superior materials and a style that's so cute youíll start dreaming about living in the period it came from.

Different Designs With Vintage Style Dresses

For the most shapely and feminine looking vintage dresses look no further than our 50ís rockabilly styled clothing. These femininely shaped dresses are made to pinch at the waist and flow outwards to create a lovely figure that flatters all girls that wear it. Rockabilly fashion first came in an age where women were craving youthful and expressive looks, and these alternative styled rockabilly clothes are ideal for emanating this feeling whilst staying very creative.

Each of our retro style dresses are made with the utmost quality, so youíll know for certain that your perfect dress will stand the test of time and will last much longer than ordinary dresses. Quality materials bring better feeling, meaning you can wear your dresses for much longer but still be spoilt for lightweight comfort and construction.
Stay In Style With Vintage Dresses
Whether you need an elegant vintage dress for a period event such as a Victorian ball or perhaps you're searching for a retro party dress to bring bold colours and cheesy vibrancy to a cocktail party, we stock classical dresses for all occasions.

With so many brands dedicated to older styles and vintage character, it'll be hard to find any vintage style dresses quite like ours. With creative guruís Hell Bunny, Banned, Purplish and Vooodoo Vixen all stocking alternative retro-inspired dresses you will never fall short of creating a unique vintage look here at Blue Banana.

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