Vintage Cardigan

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Vintage Cardigan

When it comes to ultimate fashion companions you wouldn't be complete without a quality vintage cardigan. These traditional cardigans can serve a few purposes, either to declare your interest for vintage clothing or to add another layer to keep your body warm.

With so many ordinary looking cardigans littering high street stores youíll be completely spoilt for choice when you feast your eyes on the unique and unusual vintage cardi's available. Blue Banana is dedicated to delivering original clothing that helps set you apart from the duller fashion crowds, our selection of alternative cardigans being one of our most celebrated ranges.

When People Think Retro Quirkiness A Knitted Vintage Cardigan Is Never Too Far Away

A vintage knitted cardigan can offer you the basics and much, much more. For a plain and understated look you could simply plump for a single coloured cardigan for a relaxed approach or to even go unnoticed under other pieces of clothing. Yet if you're already seeking a vintage cardigan then odds on you're more than likely wanting to show off your traditional or retro style, so a cardigan with classic motifs, interesting patterns or ironically old designs is probably more to your style.

If you share a loyalty to a particular alternative subculture then do not worry, we stock cardigans that reflect all sorts of moods, characters and genres. This allows you to keep warm and comfy as well as still retaining your desired image. Our traditional cardigan styles include:
  • Gothic Cardigans: Traditional construction and feel but use embossed designs including bats or skulls to portray a Gothic edge.
  • Steampunk Cardigans: Very Victorian, full of lace decoration and usually fitted right up to the neck with the occasional ruff.
  • Shabby Chic Cardigans: Classical cardigans that use pale shades, little buttons and floral design emblems.
  • Cute Cardigans: Cute cardigans still use that aged and traditional feel but they include design references to butterflies, cherries or birds.
  • Novelty Cardigans: Traditional in the sense that they're knitted but they use humorous or obscure designs to bring something fresh.

Thereís Nothing More Original Than An Alternative Styled Vintage Cardigan

If you wanted something a little different from your typical knitted cardigan design then you may be attracted to our cropped cardis. A cropped cardigan features frill designs that are perfect for either wearing over your tops or as part of an evening outfit. They supply a little more warmth without taking away the appeal of your stylish outfit.

You may even want to have a laugh with what you want to achieve. Run & Fly knitwear pokes fun at authentic designs, particularly traditional Christmas patterns, so you can bring a naughty edge to the classically stern cardigan construction.

Whatever it is, all of our retro cardigans have been made with the finest quality materials, ensuring that your cardi will not only feel ultra-soft and keep you toasty, but itíll also stand the test of time just like the style itself.

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