Patterned Cardigans

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Patterned Cardigans

Whether youíre adding the finishing touches to an outfit or need that extra layer for some added warmth, youíll find plenty of gorgeous looking patterned cardigans for whatever look you have. We have every kind of style thatíll stand out from all those boring and unoriginal ones. Why settle for a basic and unnoticeable cardigan when you could be wearing something stylishly bold thatíll make you stand out?

The best part of alternative fashion is all the creative styles of patterned cardigans to choose from. Whether you wanted a toned down look for every day wear, something creative to stand out from the ordinary looking cardigans or something suitable for wearing in the evening, your ideal sweater can soon be within your grasp.

Embrace Alternative Patterns On Your Cardigans

When you look upon our selection of patterned cardigans, youíll be overwhelmed with choices as we have a broad alternative selection that ensures every cardie is completely unique from the other. Not only are these perfect for wearing on top of evening wear or on the high street, youíll be tempted to wear your ultra-cosy cardie around the house as well.

Our top brands, Banned and Voodoo Vixen are dedicated to creating entirely original clothing that you wonít find anywhere else. From work friendly designs, elegant evening looks to creative owls and zombie themed designs, youíll know for certain that your stylish sweater is getting you noticed for all the right reasons.
  • An Amazing Range Of Unique Patterned Cardigans
  • Top Brand Names Such As Banned, Voodoo Vixen & Jawbreaker
  • Ideal For All Alternative Styles, Including Retro, Gothic Or Even Steampunk

Make Your Cardigans Stand Out With Some Creative Patterns

Over time the cardigan has fought the granny image that comes with it, but with our unique patterned cardigans youíll never have to worry about your style looking outdated or unoriginal. With so many bland looking buttoned sweaters making women fade into the background, you can stand out from those default looks with a creative alternative styled cardigan.

Creative style aside, youíll be basking in the ultimate comfort of these cosy patterned cardigans, made from the most quality filled materials thatíll be noticeable in both the look and the touch. As well as the texture youíll be noticing in those cold British seasons that your cardie is super-snug as well, perfect for giving you an extra layer of warmth that no one will turn down.

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