Ripped Skinny Jeans

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Ripped Skinny Jeans

One of the biggest fashion styles when it comes to trousers is ripped skinny jeans, taking the ever-popular skinny jean style to a new level. The ripped style has been demonstrated not only on the catwalk, but by celebrities who have been looking to add a little uniqueness and personality to their skinny denim styles. Naturally, we’re now all clambering to replicate this awesome trend ourselves.

While you might worry about having your flesh poke out of the holes in a pair of ripped skinny jeans, you don’t need to. There are ripped jeans available in a whole range of styles and sizes, meaning that whether you’re a little bit curvier than a catwalk model or simply a perfect size 8 you will be able to find something that will suit you in the pre-ripped skinnies market.

Why Are Skinny Jeans So Popular Once They’ve Been Ripped?

Whether started by accident or not, the ripped skinny jeans look originated in the punk scene, whereby those that wore ripped jeans were expressing how little they cared about fashion or showing off how many gigs or political rallies they've been to. Whatever the case, we should all be glad that the ripped trend has taken off so strongly, giving us yet another alternative style to enjoy.

It’s not just the typical high street names that have jumped at the chance to stock ripped skinny jeans either, big alternative brands such as Criminal Damage have made sure that they aren’t left behind by releasing some of the hottest ripped styles we’ve managed to find. The great thing is that they provide a much bigger variety of colours than you would find in a regular high street shop.
  • An Amazing Range Of Pre-Ripped Skinny Jeans Styles
  • Designs From Big Name Brands Such As Criminal Damage
  • Ideal For Adding Rock & Roll Edge To Your Image

Special Skinny Jeans With The Ripped Style At Blue Banana

There’s nothing stopping you wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans – all you need is to pluck up the courage to show off a bit of skin, even in the coldest conditions that we are often so lucky to experience here in the UK. Once you’ve plucked up the courage, finding an awesome pair of skinnies with the style you’re looking for isn’t too difficult – just make sure you’re prepared for your gorgeous legs to be a little visible.

The flexibility of ripped skinny jeans is one of their biggest advantages. Combine your new ripped style with any pair of shoes you can think of, and try a cool looking band t shirt or vest top on your top half and there’s no way you’ll be able to go wrong. There's nothing more rock and roll that ripped jeans!

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