Zentai Suit

When it comes to wearing the most creative and memorable fancy dress costumes, youíll want to have a zentai suit to stand above everyone elses boring looking costumes. The quirky look of these body suits will have both you and friends giggling at the site of your special suits that anyone with a quality sense of humour will appreciate.

Once upon a time it was only Halloween that we needed to concern ourselves with, but nowadays we spend a lot of the year attending fancy dress parties and finding/creating the perfect costume. With your very own zentai suit youíll have the ultimate backup for when of these events crop up without you realising it. These body suits are designed to last longer which means you can enjoy your zentai costume for longer and get as many wears of it as you can.

Find The Zentai Suit That You Belong With

With superhero culture being so popular from all the comic book movie adaptations, most people with the exception of those still frolicking in the womb will know and appreciate a zentai suit of DC heroes, Batman and Superman. Thereís also something for Marvel fans with our Spiderman and Captain America suits to bring out your inner hero in all its skin-tight glory.

Any former or current Power Ranger fans can carry the burden of being team leader with the red ranger suits that combines nostalgic childhood memories with comedic costumes. Fulfilling old childhood dreams and becoming your favourite heroes in your quirky zentai suit is guaranteed to get the laughter filling the air, and leave your costume choice being the most memorable.

Join The Trend And Jazz Up Your Fancy Dress With A Zentai Suit

Recently the most original form of fancy dress is the zentai suit, and nothing will stand out from the tackier homemade looking costumes than these bodysuits. As effortless as simply stepping in zipping yourself up, youíll have the most convenient costume of the bunch, whilst your friends are spending hours getting ready and just as long getting out of their outfits.

A night out will never be the same once you add a zentai suit to your costume armoury.  They donít have to be limited to parties or Halloween, as your costume is perfect for simply adding a twist to an otherwise ordinary evening. Once youíve found the perfect zentai costume, youíll grow addicted to the comedic effect that comes with putting one on.

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Zentai Suit

Rubies 2nd Skin Wolverine Costume (Yellow/Blue/Black)
Rubies 2nd Skin Wolverine Costume (Yellow/Blue/Black)
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