Vintage Corset

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Vintage Corset

One of the most desirable styles of lingerie that even the most modern of women can be attracted to is the vintage corset. Whether itís a retro looking relic or famously inspired clothing from the past, thereís nothing better than wearing something with the high standard of care in creation that comes with vintage clothing. Whether you love classic lace or want a bolder leather look, there are plenty of vintage styled Basques to choose from, so much so that you may not know where to start.

Old Fashion But The Vintage Corset Still Rings True In Modern Times

The vintage corset is a fashion trend that wonít be going anywhere for the foreseeable future, the stylish fashion garment has survived since its Victorian conception, continuing to adapt in style and creativity along with modern fashion and culture. Corsets have quite rightly earned their reputation as a feminine fashion friend that not only pinches you at the waist to give you a more eye pleasing shape, but also emphasises the chest area for the less endowed.

Stand The Test Of Time Just Like A Traditional Vintage Corset

In our vintage fashion selection you will get the chance to pick yourself a marvellous retro corset. These corsets have been made with the utmost quality and comfort prior to their affordable prices were set. If the comfy feeling corsets werenít enough of a plus, the quality that goes into making each one means your corset companion will be holding you tightly for years to come.

There are various different types of corsets available, so just because a classic vintage corset isnít the shape youíre after, you can still achieve the corset look by using amazing underbusts that stop just below the chest area - great to show off your natural feminine shape.
Sometimes Less Is More With A Vintage Corset
If you still want less, then some of our cinchers offer a belt like appearance - making them perfect for wearing on top of outfits, giving you extra edge whilst transforming your body shape from normal to flattering.

Other alternative vintage corsets will distract you from what you should be doing, ranging from edgily sexy to looks that are perfect for parties. From lacy linings to fake fur trimmings, you might even find yourself burdened by such a broad selection of corsets to choose from.

So whatever the reason and whatever the style, you can buy plenty of fashionable corsets catering for various scenes here at Blue Banana. Feel the pinch from older styles!

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