Lolita Dress

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Lolita Dress

With roots originating from Japanese culture, Lolita fashion has certainly started to become a part of our own sub culture for its creative and fun outlook on fashion. In order to successfully create your own Lolita look, you’ll need the perfect Lolita dress.

Whether you are putting effort into an ultra-realistic looking cosplay, or this style is a way of life and a form of creative expression for you, your perfect Lolita dress is closer than you think and there won’t be any need to empty out your purse for it either.

Complete Your Unique Lolita Look With The Perfect Dress

There are numerous styles of Lolita clothing, but the common ground they all seem to share is a love of ribbon, frills and lace. With the numerous styles of Lolita fashion to choose from such as sweet, classic, punk and gothic you’ll have to decide which genre suits you best and find the right Lolita dress for you. Alternative ladies will love the Hell Bunny dresses in particular, as they have a Misa from Death Note look to them that make them perfect for anyone looking to do a realistic cosplay.

Arguably, the best genre of Lolita style is the alternative/punk side. Still taking inspiration from the classic, there are less rules when it comes to this style as the cute look is toned down slightly to make room for a more mysterious and unpredictable look. Nothing achieves this image better than a beautiful alternative styled Lolita dress, which still takes note from the Victorian era that inspired it, but has a darker creative look to it.
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  • Ideal for Cosplay Or Pursuing Totally Unique Look
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Every Kind Of Lolita Dress At Blue Banana

The Lolita dress isn’t the only point when it comes to realistic Lolita outfits, as you’ll also need the perfect hairstyle. Typically the hairstyle of Lolita’s are long and filled with gorgeous ringlet styled curls, but if you’re choosing to replicate the punk side then you’ll find that you can get away with most variations so long as your hair stands out in an edgier and alternative style.

Embracing Lolita’s eccentric fashion as a way of life is an excellent form of self-expression and with it becoming more and more popular, you may someday soon find yourself surrounded with every kind of Lolita dress as this fashion trend will only grow from here. 

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