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Iconic, legendary and timeless, women's Converse shoes are a must have for so many crowds and scenes. With their immediate birth in basketball, early roots in rebellion and now seen as a fashionable choice for all types of people, Converse footwear has hop, skipped and jumped through the decades retaining their style, dignity and demand.

Although stand out ranges such as Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars remain the pinnacle of Converse productions, over time Converse shoes for women has advanced and evolved into various shapes, colours and designs.

So Much Cool Footwear To Be Adopted Within The Womens Converse Range

Converse for women no longer simply caters for the niche Indie crowds. The footwear brand now creates elaborate, colourful and stylish sneakers which attract a totally fresh audience. You still get loyal customers who enjoy buying Converse and listening to Nirvana but on a whole they have opened up the doors to a much more fashion savvy following.

As well as iconic ranges such as All Stars and Oxfords, which continue to fly off the shelves, the brand has also released footwear reflecting an all over more fashionable scope. By implementing stylish trims such as fur decoration around the cusp of the shoes or a double tongue featuring contrasting colours, women now have the chance to apply Converse to pretty much any outfit without them being coined to specific group or genre.

Colourful Womens Converse Can Be Subtle Or Startling.

Depending on your personality and style you can buy womens Converse trainers boasting the brightest of colours or more reserved and relaxed shades. Blue Banana prides ourselves on both our footwear selection as well as supplying customers with a broad choice, meaning if you want colourful you can get it, or if you want subtle, you can grab that too, even right down to the construction of the shoes from hi tops to low-cut Converse Oxfords.

A few of the consistent winners are as follows:
  • Converse Black: The darkest shade going and possibly the most reserved, although they commonly come with bold white trims and laces black Converse shoes are even known sly their way into a formal situations and working arenas.
  • Converse Blue: Whether it is sky blue or navy shades, blue Converse trainers bring a nice clean appearance and work well with most clothing including darker denim jeans.
  • Converse Pink: These bring a cute and pretty feminine side to Converse footwear. Pink Converse shoes have the ability to make you stand out from the crowd, becoming a popular choice with fashionable women up and down the land.
  • Converse Yellow: No mucking about, yellow Converse trainers stand loud and proud, allowing you to flamboyantly showcase your admiration towards the brand and it's prestigious style.
  • Converse Low Tops: This Converse design and construction came a little after their most notorious hi top All Stars boots. The low top Converse for women provides a much more relaxed and casual approach yet they still use experimental colours becoming the perfect fashionable plimsoll available.
  • Converse Hi Tops: Probably the most recognisable and celebrated Converse style, created by Marquiz Mills Converse way back in the early 1920s but fine tuned by basketball icon Chuck Taylor. Converse hi tops have remained an ever so popular choice, for years people have kept this exemplary shoe stepping, whilst in return it's brought fresh designs and new colours to combat our fast paced fashionable world.
Buy All Types Of Converse Designs Within Our Womens Converse Footwear Selection
If you're thinking about buying a brand new set of trainers, whatever the season, then Converse shoes are sure to bring something to the table. The thick rubber construction and tall lace up of the high top All Stars will keep you warm and intact during the colder months, whereas Converse Oxfords deliver a more streamline and lightweight feel perfect for the summer and spring seasons. 

Blue Banana strive to supply all types of Converse shoes for women, we have new styles constantly trickling onto our shelves, so you can now see our store as a saving grace when it comes to shopping for iconic and fashionable footwear. There aren't many footwear brands that can take you back in time to pay tribute to the old but all the while keeping you bang inline with contemporary fashion and current up to date sought after styles.

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Womens Converse

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