UV Hair Dye

If you want to stand out from the sea of blonde and brown hair colours that bob around all day, everyday, then why not tackle the root of the problem by diving head first into some UV hair dye. From radiant reds and penetrative purples to beckoning blues and obscure oranges, we stock a whole host of UV dyes to help change your hair colour from normal to stupendous.

Turn Off The Lights And See Your Head Shine Bright With Amazing UV Hair Dye

Whether you're looking for a one night quick fix or you're after a semi-permanent dye that will last for a few months, our UV reactive hair dyes can cater for both scenarios. The hair-raising question of whether to go for a permanent colour or experiment with gel dyes that wash out easily is a frequently pondered question. Yet did you know you can conquer both at an affordable price? Testing your colours with UV gel dyes and following up with semi permanent hair dyes has never been so easy.

Reputable for fading much slower than other hair brands, if you’re want your UV hair dye to stand the test of time then Stargazer’s UV hair colour has been specially crafted to give you a quality head of hair that will outshine the ordinary. Stargazer's UV dyes last up to 6 weeks and are brilliant to use without any damaging substances that other brands may have you pulling out hair over. With luminous colours of yellow, green, red, pink and turquoise, your presence and confidence will capture everyone's attention whilst glowing under UV light. 

When The Lights Go Out You Can Bring In The Glow With UV Hair Dye

If you’re not sure whether a beautiful mane of UV colour is the thing for you, then you can be more experimental with Stargazer’s UV gel hair dye. This vibrant hair dye in a tube will give you a solid colour that should stay in place for the day, but is easily removable after one wash if needed.

The added bonus of applying a no-strings attached colour is that you can experiment and have a one-night strand with your UV dye, before perhaps later committing to a 6 week relationship with a longer permanent hair dye. What a perfect opportunity to try more than one colour? If creative hair is what you desire, you could be proudly swishing around your rainbow hair without any consequences at all.

You can even change your hair colour every other day of the week for all we care. You could even match it to your current mood, or just use it as a creative outlet and let your true self shine through. We’re sure we don’t need to explain the benefits of having UV hair to anyone, but just in case you were wondering whether an extreme colour that glows in UV light is for you…well yes, yes it is.

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UV Hair Dye

Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 70ml (Plume)
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