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Neon Jeans

There are very few pieces of fashion that can make an impact in the same way as neon jeans, especially if you're looking to be the life and soul of the party or want to have the brightest legs on the street. Combine these colours with an awesome skinny style and you’ve got some amazing additions to your wardrobe, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Everyone needs a good quality pair of skinny jeans, but these neon jeans prove that they don’t have to be the same old boring styles. Amongst our absolutely huge and often exclusive range of bright neon denim are colours including UV lemon, orange and pink, as well as brighter but more common colours such as red and blue. You really can make a huge fashion impact without breaking the bank here at Blue Banana.

Unleash The Colour With Quality Neon Jeans At Affordable Prices

Amongst the fastest growing fashion trend in the alternative scene, these neon jeans are undoubtedly some of the most powerful trousers you’re ever likely to see and will certainly get heads turning in your direction on the street. The good news is that they are figure-hugging too, so people looking at you are sure to be impressed by your fashion sense and your figure!

You don’t have to settle for one colour here at Blue Banana either; our neon jeans come in a variety of styles including plain colours, stripe patterns, star patterns and many more different designs. You’re sure to find yourself a little bit spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your favourite pair, but thankfully we’re providing such great value for money you’ll be able to take home a couple of pairs anyway.

Be Blown Away By Our Neon Jeans Branded Denim

Alongside our own gorgeous creations in our Bleeding Heart and Blue Banana neon jeans ranges, we’ve got our hands on several of the hottest alternative brands to make sure we’ve got the biggest collection of skinnies on the planet right here. Abbey Dawn, Banned, Criminal Damage and Monkee Genes all feature in our neon collection, so you can be sure you’re picking up a quality product no matter which pair you opt for. Other brands we feature include:
  • Iron Fist
  • Hell Bunny
  • Tripp NYC
  • Voodoo Vixen
With such a selection and brilliant value amongst our neon jeans collection of great looking skinnies, why shop anywhere else for the newest addition to your wardrobe? If you’re looking for quality, style and impact, as well as lightning fast delivery, you’ve found it here at Blue Banana, UK alternative clothing specialists.