Jesus Bracelets

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Jesus Bracelets

Nestled amongst the growing fashion trend of religious iconography and symbolism, these jesus bracelets are a wonderful choice to show off your alternative style and, if you desire, your religious beliefs. Gaining their name from both the symbols of Jesus that often appear on them, as well as the famous "what would Jesus do?” bracelet, these wristbands are becoming more and more iconic in the alternative fashion world.

Many of those who choose to wear these types of jesus bracelets have argued that it is not the religion that is symbolised which is important, instead it is the ability to express yourself spiritually through a piece of jewellery which should be the biggest reason to wear one of these wooden wristbands.

Cheap Jesus Bracelets Which Don’t Compromise On Quality

There are many people who find that wearing a particular style of Jesus bracelets on their wrist gives them a boost to their inspiration when they feel it is needed, as well as keeping them on the right track in life. Here at Blue Banana we have a range of cheap Jesus wristlets in a variety of colours and styles, allowing you to combine alternative style with your own beliefs, whether they be religious or not.

If you’re looking to buy some Jesus bracelets, it’s likely you’ll want to know the true meaning behind them before you order. Traditionally, rosary beads were seen as a way to feel closer to God, with each bead representing a prayer. The beads would instruct you which prayer to recite and how many times you needed to do so. From here, the Jesus bracelet phenomenon has developed and is now seen as a fashion trend which can be worn with anything, anywhere.

While we love the traditional Jesus bracelets here at Blue Banana, we know that some of you simply want to look cool and show off your faith in alternative style. That’s why we’ve compiled a wicked selection of alternative jewellery at incredibly cheap prices ready for you to wear with any gothic, punk or emo style you’re trying to achieve.

Check Out Our Quality Jesus Bracelets Styles

Amongst our cool collection of Jesus bracelets you’ll also find styles including:
  • Crosses
  • Skulls
  • Moustaches
  • Hearts
This is just the beginning of our selection of Jesus bracelets, so make sure you take a good look through our whole range before deciding on your favourite fashion. We’ve got an awesome range of bracelets for you to choose from, all at low prices, so you might find yourself wanting to buy more than one – and who could blame you!

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