Scene Hair

There really are very little limits on what you can achieve when you set your mind to creating a great scene hair style, especially with some of the awesome scene products that you can find right here at Blue Banana, the home of alternative fashion in the UK. Whether you’re looking how to do scene hair cuts for an awesome choppy look or want some really bright scene hair dye, you’ve come to the right place.

There are four crucial parts to creating any beautiful scene hair style: cutting, styling, dyeing and aftercare. If you complete these four stages correctly and continue to care for your new style over a number of weeks you can be sure that your scene hair will be the envy of all your friends, including those who may have even considered an awesome alternative hair style such as yours before. When you begin to influence the style of others, you know you’re looking good!

Cutting Your Scene Hair Style

If you’re not totally familiar with what style scene hair tends to follow, you should firstly know that it’s a very full looking hairstyle which is usually thinner around hair which hangs below your jaw. Almost always this style will feature a variety of choppy layers which creates a great deal of volume on the top layer.

If you’re new to scene hair, go for short layers on the back and longer ones at the front, keeping a long distance between each layer. Make sure that your face is ‘framed’ by your cut to ensure it compliments your complexion. Don't forget to straighten your locks too and maybe backcomb too. The beauty of scene hair is that its flexible.

The coolest tip we’ve learned that we want to pass on to all you alternative fashion lovers is to razor the ends of your hair for a great scene hair look. This allows you to have a cool angled look to the tip of your hair and is really simple to achieve with scissors or a straight razor – just be careful!

Add Some Colour To Scene Hair For The Full Style Effect

Whilst it’s not necessary to dye your hair to give it that scene hair look, it really does help and gives you a way to add an even more unique edge to your style. If you do decide to go for a little bit of colour, we suggest dyeing your tips (known as dip dyeing), since this way you’re able to cut off the ends if you happen to hate the colour.

Scene hair styles involving colour rely on bold streaks or colouring a whole section of your hair a different colour to the other, creating a mixed pattern of shades and styles. Why not take a look at our hair dye, hair clips, or hair extensions here at Blue Banana if you need some inspiration for your scene alternative look?

Make sure you look after your new scene hair style! Here are a few helpful tips:
  • Condition, condition, condition! All this treatment including dyeing and heat straightening will damage your locks, so be sure you’ve got products to combat these aggressive scene hair techniques.
  • Use heat protection products! There’s nothing worse than your scene hair style collapsing due to the heat from your hairdryer. Heat protection is cheap and very effective, so make sure you have some on hand.
  • Trim your split ends! The only way to really get rid of split ends is to get rid of them altogether – make sure when you cut them you don’t miss any – be ruthless.
No matter what style you decide to go for, we’re sure that you’ll love your new scene hair. Don’t forget that if you need anything at all for your scene, emo or alternative styles, you’ve found a new home here at Blue Banana. Make sure you take a look around our alternative shop and take home your favourite styles before someone else does!

Scene Hair

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