Green Contact Lenses

Beat the green-eyed monster and switch up your style with this fantastic range of beautiful green contact lenses, from EDIT at Blue Banana. We have single-tone, triple-tone and mysterious Ďmysticí lens styles to give you a natural green eye colour in an instant Ė just the thing for parties or nights out!

Or if you already have green eyes yourself but want to make the most of such an unusual colour you could try the Glimmer green contact lenses. These lenses accentuate your natural eye colour with a bit of added vibrancy and contain glimmering flakes of glitter for an extremely eye-catching look.

Extreme Style With Green Contact Lenses

If the natural look isnít your thing donít worry, we also have a selection of unique patterned green contact lenses just for you.

The Emerald Dragon and Spider lenses both feature horror themed-motifs that will make everyone you meet stop and stare. And the amazing Glow UV fashion lenses will shine brightly under UV lights, making you the centre of attention in late-night clubs and bars.

Our fashion lenses last for 90 days or, in some cases, up to a year, so you can show off your amazing new eyes at loads of different events.
  • Green Coloured Fashion Contact Lenses
  • Ideal For Temporarily Reinventing Your Image With Striking Effect
  • Not Intended For Medical Use Or Vision Correction

Take Care Of Your Green Contact Lenses

With a little care and attention you can maintain the lifespan of your green contact lenses ensuring that you will always have them available when you need them. Always make sure you store them in the provided preserving solution when they are not in use and donít forget to soak them with any standard contact lens solution before re-inserting them into your eyes.

All of our Edit coloured contact lenses have been created from the best quality materials in accordance with the ISO International Standard quality control regulations, so you can be totally confident wearing them for a long night out on the town. Whatís more, as they consist of 38% water they are very well hydrated and will help to prevent your eyes from drying up and becoming too sore.

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Green Contact Lenses