Red Contact Lenses

Our amazing range of red contact lenses are just the thing if you want to get the edge over your friends with stand-out, unique fashion accessories Ė perfect for adding a frightening new twist to your look! We have all sorts of detailed designs to choose from, including mesh and cat eye lenses, bat motifs and chaos stars.
Our selection of coloured contact lenses includes lens sets that will last for up to 90 days, or in some cases up to an entire year, and also includes daily red contact lenses for a temporary style boost or special event outfit.

Red Contact Lenses For Vampire Fans

Awesome red contact lenses make the ideal accessory for vampire fans and those that like to dress up. These fashion lenses wonít affect your vision at all but will make your eyes look like that of a Volturi vampire from the popular Twilight book and film series. These vampiric lenses would be great for cosplay or a fancy dress Halloween outfit, or would make a perfect gift for any fan of the Twilight series.

Our exciting range of official Edit Coloured Contact Lenses have been made to extremely high standards following the ISO International Standard quality control regulations. They are made from top quality materials and include a 38% water composition, which gives them a high level of hydration and stops them from drying out unexpectedly and making your eyes red and sore.

Keep Your Red Contact Lenses In Top Condition

  • Bright Red Fashion Contact Lenses
  • Ideal For Adding A Touch Of Evil Or Vampirism To Your Look
  • Suitable For Use Only As A Fashion Accessory
Make sure that you always keep your contact lenses in the provided preserving solution when not in use and make sure that you soak them thoroughly with any standard contact lens solution before placing them into your eyes.
We know itís sometimes hard to remember after a heavy night out, but with proper care and attention you can ensure that your cool new red contact lenses stay in top condition for their entire lifespan, meaning that you can re-use them again for the next big event.

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Red Contact Lenses

MesmerEyez 1 Day Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (Red)
MesmerEyez 1 Day Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (Red)