Black Contact Lenses

Get the edge over your friends and add a totally dramatic, shocking twist to your alternative look with creepy-looking black contact lenses. Here at Blue Banana we have a wide range of black coloured contact lenses that will last for up to 90 days, or in some cases up to an entire year, but we also have daily black contacts for a quick fix or a special event, such as Halloween.

Patterned Black Contact Lenses Will Scare Everyone You Meet

Carve your own path and rock a truly frightening style. We have black contact lenses with all sorts of hardcore designs just for you, from razor blades, flames and skulls, to spiral patterned contact lenses.

The solid-colour black contact lenses are perhaps the most frightening of all, with their unnatural absence of colour. Get them if you want that ‘posessed’ look, or they would also be great if you want to dress like a demon from the TV show Supernatural, for cosplay or conventions.

Keep Your Black Contact Lenses Going Strong

All of our black coloured contact lenses are official Edit contact lenses and have been manufactured to the highest possible standard in compliance with the ISO International Standard quality control regulations. Their 38% water composition helps them to stay hydrated to prevent your eyes from drying up and becoming too sore, which is great when you are out all night or at a special costume event.

Always store them in the provided preserving solution when you are not using them and don’t forget to soak them with any standard contact lens solution before re-inserting them into your eyes.

If you take care of your black contact lenses properly you can maintain their lifespan ensuring that you will always have them available when you need them for upcoming gigs and nights out.

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Black Contact Lenses