Blue Contact Lenses

Tired of your brown, hazel or green eyes? Brighten up with some gorgeous blue contact lenses from Edit at Blue Banana. We have an amazing range of natural contact lenses in a variety of different tones and shades to give you that realistic eye colour change youíve always wanted.

All these fashion lenses will last for 90 days if properly cared for making it easy to rock blue contact lenses all season long if you want to. Sometimes you just want to look totally different from everyone else and what better way to stand out than with really unique patterned contact lenses!

Donít Want A Natural Look? Try Our Patterned Blue Contact Lenses

The Mystic design gives you a subtle, fairy-like look while the Manson design lets you look like a goth icon. Or if youíre feeling really adventurous you could grab a pair of the Cat coloured blue contact lenses, which have bestial vertical pupil slits.

For something a bit different, the Glitter lenses will make you appear as if you have shiny, sparkling eyes, and the incredible Glow UV fashion lenses will shine brightly under UV lights, making you the centre of attention.

Here are a few reasons why you should try blue contacts:
  • Temporarily Change Your Eye Colour
  • Make Your Look Stand Out From The Crowd
  • A Unique Fashion Statement No One Can Ignore

Look After Your Blue Contact Lenses

Take a little time to look after your blue contact lenses properly and you can maintain their lifespan ensuring that you will always have them available when you need them for upcoming gigs and nights out. Donít forget to store them in the provided preserving solution when they are not in use and always soak them with any standard contact lens solution before re-inserting them into your eyes.

Our range of amazing high-quality Edit coloured contact lenses have been created in accordance with the ISO International Standard quality control regulations, so you can be totally confident when rocking out for a long night on the town. Whatís more, as they consist of 38% water they are very well hydrated and will prevent your eyes from drying up and becoming too sore.

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Blue Contact Lenses