White Contact Lenses

Go against the grain and add a totally ethereal effect to your outfit, because white contact lenses might just be the finishing touch you need. Pop these babies in and you can dramatically change your appearance and shock everyone that you meet.

Get The Manson Look With White Contact Lenses

There are so many rock stars and celebrities that use coloured contact lenses to add emphasis to their look, such as famous goth icon Marilyn Manson Ė you can copy his exact look with the awesome Edit Manson 90 day white contact lenses, featuring a black pupil and striking black outlines to contrast against the white eye effect.

At Blue Banana, most of our white fashion lenses will last for up to 90 days, but we also have daily lenses and lenses that will last for an entire year, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Patterned White Contact Lenses Are Great For Fancy Dress And Cosplay

If you enjoy dressing up then a pair of patterned contact lenses can be perfect, whether itís for Halloween or for a full-blown cosplay event these great eye accessories will enhance your look as soon as they are applied. For the goriest of folk we also stock contact lense designs featuring blood splats, skulls, mesh-effects and so much more.

Perhaps Gothic contact lenses aren't your thing? So how about trying some glow UV lenses, perfect for party goers who have clubbing and late-night parties running through their veins. By day these UV contact lenses will look similar to normal white lenses but once night falls and you're partying inside the club these lenses will shine brightly under the UV lights, making sure everyone will notice your glowing eyes!
Caring For White Contact Lenses
All of our Edit coloured contact lenses have been carefully manufactured to the highest standards and are strictly compliant with the ISO International Standard quality control regulations, so you can be totally confident nothing will go wrong when rocking out for a long night on the town. Plus, as they are made up from 38% water, meaning they are very well hydrated and will prevent your eyes from drying up and becoming too sore.

With a little care and attention you can maintain the life of your white contacts, ensuring they are available for all of your upcoming events. You have to be certain that you put them away in a preserving solution when you are not using them, as well as always soaking them with any standard contact lens solution before re-inserting into your eyes. If you are careful with maintaining your contact lenses then your eyes are sure to prosper.

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White Contact Lenses

MesmerEyez 1 Day Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (White)
MesmerEyez 1 Day Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (White)