What is a Monroe Piercing?

Location: Off To One Side Above Lip
Jewellery: Labret Stud
Healing: 2 to 3 Months

A Monroe piercing is a glamorous piercing which resembles a beauty mark, with the name being inspired from Marilyn Monroe, who was lucky enough to have an unpierced version of this piercing near her own lip. While healing time is a little longer than other lip piercings, this piercing is relatively easy to heal although you must take care not to damage the inside of your mouth, gums or teeth.
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Monroe Piercing Placement
A labret should be positioned off to one side above your lip and looks great with a sparkly jewelled labret in particular.
Monroe Piercing Jewellery
A simple labret is the most common type of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the Monroe area above the lip.
Monroe Piercing Process
Many piercers choose to pierce from outside in, although piercing from inside out is also a preferred method by some.
Monroe Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is 2 to 3 months, often longer. Care needs to be taken not to damage your gums or teeth inside your mouth.

More About Monroe Piercing

A Monroe piercing is a great alternative piercing that is popular with women for its unique style and great look. Our labrets are sure to give your piercing the attention it deserves and lip piercings are great for giving a range of colours so that you can mix and match them.

We also offer add-ons to add something special to your labret rather than paying for additional body jewellery. Give your look a unique style with a Monroe / Madonna piercing from Blue Banana and you’ll be turning heads with your alternative flair. With our body jewellery range, you’ll easily find a labret that will look fantastic in your pierced lip and Monroe piercing.

A Monroe piercing is an eye-catching piercing that looks great with a stylish labret. Lip piercings take less time to heal because of the ‘friendly’ bacteria in your mouth but you have to be careful that your labret doesn’t irritate your teeth or gums.

All our labrets are made of nonreactive materials and are comfortable to wear for hours on end. You can change up your style in an instant with our range of coloured labrets as well as out jewelled add-ons, which will really give you Monroe piercing a unique style.

When it comes to choosing body jewellery for your Monroe piercing, you’re spoilt for choice at Blue Banana. We provide a range of sizes with labrets, including thinner 1.2mm labrets for a comfortable wear.

We quality test each and every piece of body jewellery we sell to make sure that you’re getting a quality piercing that won’t let you down. Great looking and value for money, you might be surprised by how much jewellery you can get for your Monroe piercing, allowing you to change your look at a moment’s notice.