What is a Snug Piercing?

Location: Ear, Antihelix
Jewellery: Curved Barbell, Ring
Healing: 3 to 9 Months Or Longer

The snug piercing goes through the same ridge as a rook piercing, but further away from the face where the antihelix is vertical, which is usually opposite the tragus. It is a difficult piercing to complete, and you may not even have an outcrop of cartilage to pierce in this location. If you do, it must be solid enough or prevent the piercing coming through behind the ear. This piercing takes a long time to heal and can be very tender.
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Snug Piercing Placement
Some ears do not have enough cartilage strong enough in which to place a snug piercing. If using a ring your ear must be well defined.
Snug Piercing Jewellery
Curved barbells are the best fit for this type of piercing. For a ring to work you must have a well-defined anatomy to support it comfortably.
Snug Piercing Process
Get a skilled piercer as this is a difficult and strong cartilage to pierce. If you donít have a tall tissue ridge, youíre not suited to this piercing.
Snug Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is 3 to 9 months, although often longer. This is not a pillow friendly piercing, and doesnít work well with a telephone either.

More About Snug Piercing

A snug piercing involves the inner cartilage on the outer rim of the ear, a small piercing that depends on the individual having enough space and strength in their cartilage to allow for it. You can wear curved barbells and as well as rings with this ear piercing, which is why we have a selection of the coolest titanium body jewellery around which are great looking and comfortable, in a range of colours and shapes for you to find the perfect style.

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