What is a Pinna Piercing?

Location: Ear, Pinna
Jewellery: Barbell, Rings
Healing: 3 to 9 Months

A pinna piercing involves the higher cartilage and rounded outer rim of the ear, which can be pierced several times, allowing the wearer to sport individual jewellery in each piercing or interlace bent barbells through more than one. One of the most admired types of ear piercing, it is a very conventional area to have done, both for men and women.
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Pinna Piercing Placement
A ring or barbell of appropriate size in the piercing should rest at ease and not cause any pain by rubbing on any piece of the ear or head.
Pinna Piercing Jewellery
Rings and barbells are the most frequent types of jewellery you will see. It is one of the piercings with the most opportunity to experiment.
Pinna Piercing Process
Many piercers use a freehand method. You’ll find this piercing will hurt or pinch, although some piercees describe scarcely feeling it at all.
Pinna Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is around 3 to 9 months, frequently longer. Minimise pressure applied to the region by sleeping on a flexible pillow.

More About Pinna Piercing

A pinna piercing refers to the top of the outer ear rim and you can even get a forward pinna piercing, which pierces the arch where your rim connects your head. We can provide you with all the body jewellery you could need to make any helix piercing look totally amazing. Featuring a range of BCR’s and barbells in a selection of colours and sizes, you’ll love how eye-catching your piercing will look with a brand new accessory to really draw attention.

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