What is a Auricle Piercing?

Location: Ear, Auricle
Jewellery: Rings, Barbells, Screws
Healing: 3 to 9 months or longer

An auricle piercing is the process of piercing of the lower part of the outer ear cartilage to allow an individual to wear a piece of jewellery in that area. As the cartilage lacks a bloody supply of its own, auricle piercings tend to take longer to heal than simple lobe piercings. While not as popular as lobe piercings, auricle piercings have gained great popularity as a stylish body modification, along with the related helix and conch piercings.
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Auricle Piercing Placement
Typically placed lower down than a helix or scapha, an auricle piercing should be in the lower section in the flat cartilage near the rim.
Auricle Piercing Jewellery
Popular choices for jewellery for include rings, barbells or nostril screws, which look great while providing a good level of comfort.
Auricle Piercing Process
An auricle piercing is a cartilage piercing and therefore you are more likely to feel pain, but levels vary person to person.
Auricle Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is around 3 to 9 months, although often longer. You will need to minimise trauma to the piercing, particularly while sleeping.

More About Auricle Piercing

Getting an auricle piercing involves piercing the cartilage to the side of the ear, resulting in a cool new look perfect for wearing with a wide range of body jewellery. As it is a cartilage piercing will take longer to heal and itís advisable that you choose your piercing accessories extremely carefully and make sure they are the best quality you can get. Getting the cartilage to heal totally after an auricle piercing takes time and patience.

Jewellery such as ball closure rings look fantastic but may catch on things, and therefore may not be the best choice for first year of your auricle piercing. If you want to give your alternative piercing some eye catching style then look no further than Blue Bananaís body jewellery for great looking designs and great value for money, as well as high quality. Labrets and barbells also look gorgeous in an auricle piercing, and we stock a wide range of styles and colours to make sure you get the best look.

When it comes to rim and auricle piercing, several kinds of body jewellery can be worn to give your piercing the attention it deserves. From dark and cool looking BCRís right through to multi coloured barbells, we stock the best accessories for your cartilage piercings at incredible prices. We make shopping for body jewellery easy as thereís so much to choose from, as well as a high standard of quality with every piercing product we sell. Your rim piercing is sure to get noticed when you purchase your body jewellery through Blue Banana, whether you have just one or several decorating your rim.

With our value for money, you can change your auricle piercing at a momentís notice without having to break the bank. All of our body jewellery is comfortable to wear and easy to use, so itís never been easier to give your piercing some alternative style. You can sort our products by style and size, making it even easier to find the labret or barbell perfect for your auricle piercing. All of our body jewellery has been quality tested by our piercing experts and made from inert metals that wonít irritate your skin. No matter what your style, get yourself some excellent body jewellery for your auricle piercing today.

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