Natural Hair Dye

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Natural Hair Dye

You really wouldn’t believe the amount of natural hair dye you can find these days, and they’re not only in shops. Your kitchen cupboard might have something you can use to colour your hair organically and without the harsh chemicals often found in many hair dye brands.

Natural Hair Dye From Lemons To Coffee

If you’re thinking of using a natural hair dye, be aware that it will take much longer for results to show than if you were using chemical dyes, which are harsher but designed to achieve the required look in one go.

Different people also report different results, as with all hair colouring, with some people saying that chemical free dyes have no effect on their hair, while others swear by it, claiming they would never go back to regular hair dye.

The different methods of dyeing with natural hair dye vary. The three most common processes are using coffee, tea and lemons to change the colour of hair over time. You might not relish the idea of saturating your hair in very strong black coffee, but it has been shown to darken hair in a less harsh and expensive way than using traditional dyes – just don’t forget to let it cool down first!

Dyeing With Natural Hair Dye Requires Patience

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The same method can be used with black tea, another natural hair dye. Strain out any leaves that might have got in to the mixture and allow to cool completely before applying to your head.

Lemons are the other popular natural hair dye, with the acid working as a natural bleach and lightener. When applied to darker hair you will probably find it turns your shade a red or light brown instead of blonde – it all depends on what your original hair tone was.

It will take a number of uses of the lemon juice in order to have any effect, which is why this form of chemical free bleaching is not as popular as using traditional products.

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