Hair Bleach

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Hair Bleach

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair, hair bleach is an important addition to your shopping basket. Its used to lighten your hair, removing colour through a chemical reaction that cannot be reversed once you’ve done it.

If you’ve decided to use it, be careful, as it is can be a very damaging process, but one that can lead to great colouring results.

Why Use Hair Bleach?

The answer to the question of why to use hair bleach is simple. If you’re looking to change your hair colour, you need to lighten it before applying a hair dye in order to get the full effect of your chosen shade.

For example, if you apply a bright green colour to dark hair, you’re likely to finish with a darker tone of green because your natural hair colour will have diluted the product you have used. You may even end up with an uneven finish based on the different shades of colour in your original hair.

It's for this reason that the essential first step before choosing that new hair shade for you is to bleach your hair lighter, like adding colour to a blank canvas, so to speak.

To Use Hair Bleach Or Not – That Is The Question

Even though most hair dye brands such as Manic Panic recommend the use of hair bleach before you use their products, more and more people are deciding to go down the route of applying hair dyes without using any lightening product whatsoever in order to achieve different colours, or because they don’t want such a dazzling shade on their head.

The most common hair bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which is the name many people associated with hair lightening. They work in much the same way as hair dyes themselves, although instead of adding colour to the strand of hair, it disperses the molecules which form the colour of your head, lightening your hair.

This is why hair bleach is so useful when you’re looking to move from a darker colour to a much lighter shade, despite it being a very harsh process to put your hair through. So before you reach for that Manic Panic dye, make sure to bleach your hair first to achieve the best results possible.