Blue Hair Dye

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Blue Hair Dye

If you're looking for blue hair dye then youíve come to the right place. After all, how could we call ourselves Blue Banana if we werenít packing an awesome range of semi permanent blue hair colours from great brands such as Manic Panic and La Riche!

Blue Hair Dye Is Daring And Dazzling

Our blue hair dye range covers the whole spectrum of blue shades, from powerfully bright colours such as Atomic Turquoise to the darker Midnight Blue tone which mixes a blue and purple colour to achieve stunning results.

Using blue hair dye is definitely a bold move, and youíll want to be sure youíre picking the right colour for you. Thatís why weíve laid out all our blue shades for you on this page, so you can pick the semi permanent dyes which suit you the most before you take the plunge, and compare all the blue colours together.

There are plenty of good reasons to go blue, such as:
  • Blue Is Perfect For Pursuing A Modern Rockabilly Look
  • Worn By Celebrities Such As Katy Perry
  • Will Definitely Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

How Bright Will You Go With Blue Hair Dye?

If you choose to use one of the brightest blue hair dye colours, you will want to make sure that you bleach your hair beforehand to create the most dazzling final look. If you apply bright hair dye to dark hair you will not get the results you are after. The natural colour of your hair will not lend itself to the brighter colour being applied to it, which is why itís important to strip out your original colour first.

If youíre using certain brands of blue hair dye, such as Manic Panicís Amplified range, you may be able to apply the colour to darker shades of hair and still get good results, but you should always read the product information beforehand so you know what the likely results of applying it to natural hair will be.

No matter what colour you choose, blue hair dye is sure to make an impression, whether youíre going for an electric bright colour, or a darker midnight shade, youíll definitely be the talk of the town!

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