Orange Hair Dye

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Orange Hair Dye

Trying orange hair dye can be a very bold and brave thing to do. Part of the extreme colour chart, get orange hair to make an impact on your style and help you stand out from the crowd.

Orange is an unusual colour to go for, its a relation of the natural red shade and usually represents shyness, despite being attention grabbing. It's available in a temporary semi-permanent hair dye as its vibrant tangy shade may not suit your look forever.

Stand Out With Orange Hair Dye

With orange hair dye on your mind, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of having this colour are. First off, it gives your style that ‘wow’ factor and will contrast with darker colours, making sure the focus is on you and your hair. Second of all, Hayley Williams is a massive fan of the colour, and is known for her orange hair!

Now commonly associated with rock chicks, the stereotypical shy girl with fair skin and bright orange hair has gone straight out the window. Girls all over have embraced red locks and are trying out vibrant shades to put a mark on their personal trend.

Although orange hair dye can come in bright and flamboyant tones, certain shades actually exist on the all important natural hair colour spectrum. It’s not true that you get orange hair from a tub, kit or even from the hairdressers and those lucky enough to have the colour naturally should embrace it as others will be overly jealous. It's hard for your hair obtain certain orange tones, so using a brand well-known for vibrancy, such as temporary manic panic, will be the best solution. You can even be creative when it comes to applying the dye.

Try Orange Hair Dye And Make The Right Decision

  • Vibrant, Unique & Bright Orange Hair Dye
  • Quality Dyes From Brand Names Such As Manic Panic Or La Riche
  • Modelled By Rockstars Such As Hayley Williams Of Paramore
Instead of using the orange hair dye for full coverage, you can experiment by adding streaks or even dip dyeing the ends if you have long locks. When it comes to dyeing, it’s all about personal identification and the need to be different from everyone else.

Before going in for the kill though, it would be best to do a simple strand test and see whether you do like the colour, that way you will know if you like it enough to cover your whole head of hair. If orange hair is for you, or if you’ve had it before, then get it now even if you’re a novice in the field!

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