Black Hair Dye

As black hair dye has stormed ahead of other natural colours for popularity, itís no wonder there are plenty of reasons for wanting to change your hair to a dark shade. Although it is a natural hair colour, many people crave the dark tones either to match the mood of winter or to go with their trend.

Goths and emos have been regularly associated with black hair to complement their dark clothes and to remain in keeping with the stereotype. Not just limited to trends though, people dye their hair for a number of reason - just one being for a new look.

Try Black Hair Dye For The First Time

Whether youíve tried black hair dye before or not is irrelevant, you donít know how itís going to look unless you try it. Just like most colours, black hair is available in a number of shades and tones, so you can brave jet black hair dye or stick to a lighter tint.

If youíre fair of skin you may find that the dark colour washes you out, but if you have a dark skin tone this shade might suit you better than others. Experimenting with a different colour can be exciting, so try full coverage if youíre feeling bold or even try dip dying for a thrilling two tone experience.

With black hair dye often used by goths and emos for a full makeover and in keeping with their style, dark hair is stereotypically associated with those trends. Creating a certain persona for this particular style, black hair can change your image easily like with the Ebony La Riche Directions Hair Dye.

Even if youíre not part of the goth or emo scene, dark shades are incredibly popular with people of all fashion and style backgrounds. If youíre thinking of going from bleach blonde to jet black, you may need to do it in stages rather than doing it at the first attempt as the change will be too dramatic. Itís best to ease into it.

Natural Black Hair Dye Perfect For A Change In Image

  • Quality Black Hair Dye For Short To Long Lasting Colour
  • Dyes Available From Respected Brands Such As Manic Panic and La Riche
  • Great For Both Home & Professional Use
Getting your hands on black hair dye is really easy,  as many leading high street and alternative brands stock this colour, but by far some of the best are vibrant Manic Panic colours. Available in either semi-permanent or permanent, the length of time you keep your black hair is up to you.

Going from a dark brown to a jet black will be a simple transition, but blondes should beware when dying their hair to the darker end of the colour spectrum. It would be best to seek professional advice before taking the plunge. Those of you experienced with hair dye, feel free to try out a bold new image with black hair dye!

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Black Hair Dye

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