Purple Hair Dye

Whether you are looking for purple hair dye to shock your friends, or for a darker colour to add a more understated but bold look to your style, you are sure to find a colour of puple to match your requirements, and your personality!

What Are The Different Purple Hair Dye Shades?

With such a huge variety of purple hair dye colours on the market, you might be finding it hard to decide whether to go for a bright or a dark tone. With the brightest and most vibrant bright purple hair colours including ultra violet, electric amethyst and mystic heather, you can tell they are going to make an impact.

But while itís possible to make a bright and stunning statement, purple hair dye shades such as lilac and lavender allow you to transform your hair with a more delicate colour which will still get you the compliments you crave.

Purple Hair Dye To Add To Your Style

Itís important to choose the correct shade of purple hair dye which is going to suit the overall look you are trying to achieve. To do this you need to think about the clothes you have or are planning to buy, and whether you need to invest in a fresh wardrobe to suit your new hair colour. If you donít have the time or money to change your entire style, you should think even more carefully about the type of purple hair dyes youíre going to use on your hair, and whether it might be better for you to apply the purple hair colour as a highlight or a lowlight, instead of as a full covering.

Almost always, youíll find that purple hair dye has different results for different individuals, as all hair is different. To achieve the brightest effect of colour from brighter shades you will need to pre-bleach your hair for example, while if you are looking to achieve a darker colour, certain dyes can be applied to natural hair to achieve the desired result, particularly the Manic Panic Amplified range.

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Purple Hair Dye

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