Pink Hair Dye

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Pink Hair Dye

The greatest benefit of pink hair dye is the statement it makes, showing that you are someone who is full of confidence and who is not afraid to take a risk with their style by injecting some wilder colours in to their fashion.

Although there are some darker shades available, some of the brightest pink hair dye colours are the most dazzling on the market, giving your style a real kick.

Think Pink With Great Pink Hair Dye

The brighter your pink hair dye, the more noticeable you're going to be, that’s obvious. But you need not cover your hair totally in colour. Instead, why not try highlighting by putting pink streaks in your hair to obtain the same eye-catching effect without going for the fully complete pink hair dye look?

Whether you're a hair dye novice or have been experimenting with pink hair dyes for a while, the range of Crazy Color hair dye we stock at Blue Banana means you are sure to find something new for you to give a go, unless you really have tried everything, in which case you can happily stock up on your favourite colours!
  • A Huge Range Of  Pink Hair Dyes In Multiple Shades
  • High Quality Dyes From Well Respected Brands Such As Manic Panic, La Riche & Crazy Color
  • Combine With White Dyes Or Pasteliser For Pastel Effect Hair Styles

Not Sure About Pink Hair Dye? Try A Strand Test

If you’re unsure if pink hair dye is for you, why not get a light pink hair dye colour to start with and perform a strand test. All you need to do is select one strand of hair and apply the pink colour to that strand alone. Once you have done this and seen the results, you will know what colour of pink the dye is likely to leave you with, as all pink hair dye will have different results on different hair, even when pre-bleached.

One thing is for sure, if you’re choosing pink hair dye then you're joining a group of people who are just as passionate about the colour as you are, especially if you're using the Manic Panic range of hair colour. Why not share your results with us by posting a picture of your new look to our Facebook or Instagram pages? We’d love to see how you transform yourself!

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