Green Hair Dye

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Green Hair Dye

Extreme green hair dye is exactly what you need if youíre looking to making a dramatic change to your style, and hair. Definitely not considered a natural colour, green hair has been making its way onto the forefront of fashion and is incredibly popular with scene kids and those into the cyber lifestyle.

Not just available in one shade, there is a whole range of types from dark green hair dye to light tones, electric colours to subtle tints. All of which can be bought from alternative brands including Manic Panic.

Using Green Hair Dye For An Impact

When thinking of green hair dye we might associate it with the environment around us, and it certainly isnít to everyoneís taste. Although having said that, a number of trends have adopted green hair and have made it easier to associate a person to their personal style.

One trend in particular is grunge which uses lighter, washed out shades, and this year specifically, lively colours have been used for dip dyeing. This is specifically used on the ends or mid part of long hair to give it a two tone effect, and vibrant colours have been key in this transformation.

It's also well known that green hair dye is used by emo and scene kids, usually in vibrant colours much like shades offered by the Stargazer brand including the Green Stargazer Semi-Permanent UV Hair Dye. Using mostly extreme green hair colours and dark green hair dye, it is incredibly eye catching and makes an impact on the style.

Not a lot of high street brands offer such bright colours and they focus on the main natural shades. There are, however, certain brands like Manic Panic, Crazy Color & Splat that provide these colours and are often available in semi-permanent. Using a permanent dye would be incredibly tough to get out and it would be hard to return to your natural colour.

Why Choose Green Hair Dye Over Natural Colours?

If green hair dye definitely is the one for you, be sure to follow the instructions when applying it to your hair. Extreme colours are harder to get out so be patient when youíre waiting for it to come out of your hair and donít try and strip it yourself - visit a professional instead.

Although the dye will be semi-permanent, the fact that the colour isnít natural means that your green hair will last longer than usual dyes. If youíre a confident and outgoing person and want something to reflect that, then bright green will do the trick.

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