August Burns Red T Shirts

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August Burns Red T Shirts

There are many reasons fans of the American metalcore band August Burns Red pick up an August Burns Red t-shirt, but itís certainly not because they blend in to the crowd wearing one!

With a huge number of August Burns Red t-shirts breaking the metal convention and going for bright, bold colours, more and more fans of the band are seeing an August Burns Red tee as a way to brighten up their wardrobe while showing their love for the band who formed in 2003.

Want A Crazy Tee? Pick Up An August Burns Red T-Shirt

The band got together while the members were in their final year of high school in Pennsylvania, and have become well known amongst those who choose to wear an August Burns Red t-shirt for their heavy mosh-encouraging breakdowns and random guitar riffs.

With bright blues and greens used in many August Burns Red t-shirts, anyone daring enough to put one on will definitely not be lost in the crowd. Although the band does have some darker shirts available, they are still punctuated with colour within their graphics.

Step Out Of The Darkness In An August Burns Red T-Shirt

The August Burns Red t-shirts do not follow any set pattern in colour, text or graphical styles, and are as interchangeable as the band themselves, who have gone through several changes in their line-up since their conception.

The name of the band is said to come from a story about one of the memberís ex-girlfriends. They have said on a couple of occasions that a woman named August burnt alive a dog belonging to a member, but they have also said they simply came up with the name just so they had one.