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Whether you're looking for an Opeth shirt, or an Opeth T-Shirt to give as a gift, you're sure to find something to suit the tastes of every fan of the famous Swedish progressive metal band.

After first forming in 1990, Opeth have gone through many changes to their line-up, with the iconic vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt being the only stable member of the group.

Prove Your Hardcore Metal Credibility By Wearing Opeth T Shirts!

The band, whose number of released albums is now into double digits, have put their name to several Opeth band shirts which are often very simple and powerful in design. They tending to stick to their black metal roots with a black background for the majority of the Opeth t-shirts, although some are inspired by their newer music which is more progressive in style.

Bringing the band to life by wearing an Opeth shirt is one of the best ways fans around the world have found themselves able to express their love and passion for the Swedish band, even when they havenít been able to see them on tour or at festivals. Proving you're a true hardcore fan is easy when there's such a great range of official t shirts up for grabs.
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Opeth Band T Shirts Separate The True Fans From The Posers!

The numbers of different pieces of merchandise, including flags and Opeth shirts have been heavily influenced by Mikael Akerfeldt, whose own influences came at a young age from bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Akerfeldt went through a stage of only listening to Judas Priest, and to this day still believes that the album Sad Wings Of Destiny is the greatest metal album of all time.

Discovering the progressive rock and folk genres further down the line, Opethís variety of diverse sounds from track to track have also influenced the changing styles of Opeth shirts, which only consistency comes in their reliability and comfort, allowing them to be worn at festivals and gigs, or simply around town as a piece of fashion for any rock fans everyday fashion.

Opeth T-Shirts

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