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Suicide Silence T Shirts

The Californian extreme metal band formed in 2002 and have released four studio albums in over ten years of being together, as well as being responsible for their awesome Suicide Silence t shirt range.

During their career the band has received brilliant reviews from critics within the metal world, which has led to an increase in their standing as a band and sales of their merchandise, including the Suicide Silence t shirt collection.

Show Your Allegiance To Extreme Metal With Suicide Silence T Shirts

The Black Crown, their 2011 release, reached third in the hard rock chart, beating their 2009 album No Time To Bleed, which entered the same chart in sixth position.

The band are usually referred to as playing an extreme style referred to as deathcore, and fans of the group are often seen wearing a Suicide Silence t shirt which tends to have a dark background punctuated by bright and bold graphics, with the unique explosive text marking out the bandís name. This style is common throughout all Suicide Silence merchandise.
- Official Merchandise Suicide Silence T Shirts
- Ideal Tribute To The Extreme Metal Band's Music
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Suicide Silence T Shirts Are The perfect Tribute To Deceased Singer Mitch Lucker

Late in 2012 the lead vocalist of the band, Mitch Lucker, who himself had promoted the sales of the Suicide Silence t shirt series through his unique style, passed away following a motorbike accident. The wife of the singer revealed that he had been an alcoholic and she had tried to stop him leaving the house on the night of his death. She described him as an amazing man, wonderful father and a great husband.

It is perhaps not surprising then that many fans of the band are going out and searching for official and authentic Suicide Silence t-shirts after the death of the iconic singer. Alongside their wonderful design, fans are also finding that the Suicide Silence tees are well made and reliable, as well as comfortable to wear at a rock gig or around town.