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Paramore Posters

Showing your support for the American rock band famous for the blistering vocal performances of Hayley Williams is now much easier thanks to the Paramore poster range.

Formed in 2004, the voice of Hayley Williams is the staple of the band, and the style of her and the group is reflecting in their brilliant range of merchandise, including the different types of Paramore posters available to fans.

Only A Paramore Poster Brings Hayley Williams To Your Room

The band which inspired the Paramore poster range was named after the maiden name of the mother of one of the band's first bass players, and they recorded their first song, Conspiracy, during a time when they saw music as a bit of fun after school, rather than a potential career.

The band released their first album, All We Know Is Falling in 2005, which got the ball rolling for their meteoric rise. Hayley Williams revealed the main theme behind the album was the loss of founding member Jeremy Davis, who left the band for personal reasons, only to return five months later.

Although many owners of a Paramore poster will regard the music created by the band as emo and pop punk, their music is widely recognised as having developed and matured along with their members, as the group were extremely young when they first took to recording. The band now have a much more grown up alternative rock sound, very different from their early years.

Plaster Your Walls With Hayley & The Gang With Official Paramore Posters

Those who already own a Paramore or Hayley Williams poster will probably know that the band launched with a 12-year-old drummer, with Williams herself only 13 years old. It is a testament to the hard work and pure passion of the group that they have become as successful as they have, with such a wonderful range of Paramore merchandise selling around the world.

The band have been nominated for three Grammy awards, and anyone owning a Paramore poster will be happy to know that they are able to look at the Kerrang! awards ‘Tweeter of the Year 2012’ winner, which was awarded to lead vocalist Hayley Williams. She was also nominated for ‘Hottest Female’, but we’ll leave that judgement down to you!