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Slipknot Posters

The band Slipknot are well known for being aggressive, attention seizing and lively when on stage, and a Slipknot poster is a great way of bringing their energy and fierce style of heavy metal to your bedroom or living area.

Slipknot posters often depict a very dark scene, in keeping with their on stage and publicity image, and a Slipknot poster will often conjure up feelings of armageddon, loss of hope, and the ending of life.

Grab A Slipknot Poster Before You Forget!

A well-positioned Slipknot poster will allow everyone who enters your house to share in the passion and dark energy of the band, and the familiarity of the style means everyone will instantly know that you are a Slipknot fan and have visited a Slipknot merchandise store.

The band has mainly been formed of nine members, and your Slipknot poster is likely to incorporate all of the recognised members including lead vocalist Corey Taylor and lead guitarist Jim Root.
- Official Slipknot Band Merchandise
- Stunning Designs Featuring The Band & Their Artwork
- The Perfect Complement To Any Metal Fan's Living Space

Decorate Your Dungeon With Heavy Metal Style In The Form Of Slipknot Posters

Slipknot merchandise really took off after they won a Grammy award for best metal performance in 2006 for their ‘Before I Forget’ record, which was released as the third single from their album ‘The Subliminal Verses’ back in 2004. The song was also listed as the top metal song of the decade by AOL. Many fans now celebrate the success of the band with a Slipknot poster, after they managed to scoop the Grammy award after being nominated six times before.

With the band all wearing matching jumpsuits and using simple numbers as aliases, it is often difficult for those who are not huge fans of the band to identify with any Slipknot poster you may have, but one thing they cannot escape is the powerful imagery and art used to give such a great impact on your walls.

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