We’re introducing cool Blue Banana loyalty cards for everyone who enters any one of our stores. It’s so easy you’d be a fool not to take advantage of this incredible, brand new deal! We’ve got shops all over the United Kingdom, from Bristol to Exeter and Birmingham to Cardiff, so you’re sure to find us somewhere along the way. If you pop inside and take a look around, you’ll discover our immense selection of ‘fashion with an edge’ products and be eligible for one of our exclusive Blue Banana loyalty cards.

To get yourself a Blue Banana loyalty card you can sign up immediately in any of our stores, and all that you need to do is;
  1. Provide your name, and
  2. Provide your email address

It really is as simple as that, and you don’t have to waste precious shopping time by filling out long winded forms and questionnaires. Better still, signing up is completely free and you also receive a complimentary 50 points, just for registering! This is just one of our ways of thanking our loyal customers, and giving you little bonuses to ensure your happiness. Blue Banana loyalty cards allow you to really see how much you love the store, and be rightfully rewarded for your loyalty.

The way the Blue Banana loyalty cards point system works, is that for every one pound you spend in stores, you’ll receive 4 points on your card. You can find out how many points you’ve gathered and then you’ll be told how much you’ve managed to gain from using it! The cherry on top is that you can then use these points to purchase items of your choice, and everyone’s a winner. So with something as easy as these Blue Banana loyalty cards, you’ll be treated and also feel like you’re getting something special when you cash in your points. Bear in mind though, you have to get at least 250 points on your card to use them!

It’s a wonderful gift and the Blue Banana loyalty cards really are a way for you to save money and feel satisfied when shopping with us. We’ve also thrown in FREE jewellery changes with this card, so save yourself some cash by presenting the loyalty card in store! Also, unlike other loyalty cards, with this beauty, you don’t have to worry about your points expiring after a certain amount of time. They NEVER expire and so will literally last a lifetime (or until you use them up of course!).

The Blue Banana loyalty cards will soon be coming online and you’ll also be able to use your cards when shopping on our website. So, for tons of bonuses and perks, get in stores and pick up a reward card today.