Novelty Mugs

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Novelty Mugs

Who doesnít love novelty mugs! No one. Exactly, which is why we have so many funny mugs here at Blue Banana.

Depending on what you're looking for, there's bound to be the right brilliant mug for you. You can buy them as gifts and for yourself - everyone loves novelty gift mugs!

With A Huge Range Of Cool Designs, There's A Novelty Mug For Everyone!

There is a never ending list to the designs you can get on these mugs, which is why they are perfect for everyone - unless you hate drinking out of a mug of course. There a huge variety of styles that these novelty mugs are inspired by but we're going to tell you about only a few because if we told you all of the designs out there, we would definitely be here for a while!
Here are a few examples of the novelty mugs you or a loved one can get their hands on:
  • Superheroes: Superhero themed mugs from DC and Marvel Comics
  • Music: Official band merchandise mugs
  • TV Shows: Mugs dedicated to the most popular TV shows of past and present
  • Films: Gift mugs from the latest and greatest movies
  • Humour: Funny, quirky and unique designs
The idea of novelty mugs is not to complete your life, even though they come pretty close, but to bring a bit of humour to someone's day, which is why funny mugs are perfect for that tea break at work or uplifting your spirit in the morning. Brilliant for presents, you can buy novelty mugs for him and novelty mugs for her, making shopping for a gift much easier.

Stuck For Good Gift Ideas? Why Not Treat Someone To Novelty Mugs?

The fun of a novelty mug isnít in what it can do but what it shows. The funny quotes, references and images that you find on some of their designs are hilarious and other times they are cute or inspirational. There are mugs for everyone in your family, including your mother, father, grandpa, uncle and even that long distant cousin you've never met!

You can buy novelty mugs for almost every occasion and they make the perfect type of gift or everyone who loves a hot beverage. They're cheap, funny, cool and make the perfect present when you're low on ideas!