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Oakley Fuel Cell

The Oakley Fuel Cell range is one of the more popular collections in the Oakley UK collection and its innovative features and stylish designs make each pair worth the price.

Recharge Your Image With High Quality Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses!

With a range of different frame designs to choose from, the Fuel Cell selection is one of the most exciting in today’s industry. This collection offers standard and polarized versions, as well as a series of limited edition designs. The polarized editions are designed to reduce the amount of glare that you suffer from to a near non-existent state, providing you with flawless vision.

The impressive innovations of the lenses aren't overshadowed by the strong and stylish frame with a lightweight stress resistant design. With the Fuel Cell you can rest assured your sunglasses will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. It’s perfectly melded shape provides a comfortable fit that ensures you receive value for your money, allowing you to experience perfect vision without any discomfort.

The Oakley Fuel Cell collection is definitely worth checking out, and with many special editions to choose from you can’t say you aren’t spoilt for choice, these special editions include;
  • Limited Edition Troy Lee Fuel Cell These pair of sunglasses have been designed by Troy Lee Designs, the company behind the paint jobs of many of today’s most successful racers’ helmets. With an interesting urban design and the unmistakeable TLD logo on the side, this edition will never look out of place.
  • Infinite Hero Fuel Cell The Infinite Hero edition was designed to pay respects to the heroes who require extra help after making tremendous sacrifices to keep our countries safe. The purple tint of the lens represents the Purple Heart that is offered to soldiers who put everyone else’s lives before for their own. Oakley donates money to this charity after every purchase.
  • Ducati Polarized Fuel Cell The Ducati Signature Series was designed to honour the legendary Ducati racers who have been known to favour Oakley eyewear.
  • Bob Burnquist Signature Series Recycled Fuel Cell Showing everyone that a great pair of sunglasses can be eco friendly, Oakley have teamed up with skateboarder Bob Burnquist to create this amazing piece of eyewear. Manufactured from natural and recycled materials, the Bob Burnquist Signature Series shows how its done.
  • Limited Edition Deuce Coupe Fuel Cell The name Deuce Coupe just oozes style and sophistication, its black frame mixed with a colourful design is like no other pair of sunglasses around today.
  • London 2012 Fuel Cell Designed for the Olympics, this pair of sunglasses will give everyone the chance to keep a memento of this unforgettable event.

Looking at the Oakley Fuel Cell range's price can be quite daunting, but checking out the specs for each design will confirm that you're getting value for your money and making a worthy investment. If your vision isn’t perfect and you require special lenses just to see, Oakley will customise your glasses with lenses that match your prescription.

Oakley have really outdone themselves with the Fuel Cell collection and not only have they put a lot of hard work into the specifications, they have also created a fashionable accessory that suits today’s fashion styles. So make sure you browse through the Oakley Fuel Cell range today so that you can benefit from the innovative technology at Oakley’s disposal.

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