Lumberjack Shirt

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Lumberjack Shirt

You can get an amazing lumberjack shirt for an affordable price when you shop with us.

Get Closer To Nature With An Awesome Lumberjack Shirt

Lumberjack shirts are inspired by the classic rugged mountaineer and the idealised classic image of a woodcutter in the mountains. The traditional lumberjack outfit, which was famously recreated for the Monty Python song "I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay”, features not just the shirt but also other elements.
  • A plaid shirt, (often flannel) usually featuring a red and black design.
  • Black sturdy trousers
  • Red braces
  • A warm hat or helmet
  • Heavy duty boots
  • An axe!
This is an instantly recognisable style and wouldn’t be complete without a lumberjack shirt. Criminal Damage in particular bring out a range of "jack” shirts (we see what they did there!) which all feature a plaid design in a selection of colours. These can include red, blue, purple and green, so you get an excellent range of designs and colours to pair with other elements of your outfit.

Of course, you don’t have to be cutting down trees in order to wear a lumberjack shirt and these plaid shirts have become a popular clothing item in their own right. It’s not even restricted to men as these plaid shirts (even if they’re made specifically for men) are a popular choice amongst young women. You can wear these shirts with belts, suspenders and layered over other shirts, they are the perfect rugged way to complete an outfit the lumberjack way!

Dress Like A Lumberjack For A Day With Plaid Shirts

Because a lumberjack shirt has to be incredibly resilient and warm, many plaid shirts that borrow from the style also try to recreate the quality of the shirt. You may not be able to go out and about in Alaska wearing one of Criminal Damage’s jack shirts but you’ll be more than prepared for the British weather. And these men’s shirts look amazing layered with jackets and jeans, the perfect manly outfit for you!

The plaid design on lumberjack shirts has become so recognisable and popular that you can now find that style of design on numerous other apparel items, for men and women alike! Get rugged with a lumberjack shirt and show off your mountee style!